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Exercises Do’s & Don’ts

Exercise during pregnancy is well recognized as being both a safe and beneficial practice for mother and fetus. Pregnant people should do low-impact, moderate-intensity exercises that lead to light sweating and slight increases in heart rate.


  1. Stay hydrated.
  2. Stay cool and wear loose-fitting clothing.
  3. Wear well-fitting, supportive, non-slip shoes.
  4. Recognize when to exercise less often or reduce the intensity of exercises.
  5. Set realistic goals and try to stick to them.
  6. Remember to breathe and be aware of the heart rate during workouts.
  7. Also, it is important to stop and rest anytime a person feels tired or weak.

Don'ts - To prevent complications, avoid:

  1. High-impact exercises
  2. Sudden movements
  3. Exercises with a high risk of falling, such as gymnastic or aerial sports
  4. Bouncing or leaping
  5. Raising the feet above the head
  6. Exercises that place jarring pressure on the pelvis and torso, such as horseback riding
  7. Exercises or environments that increase the risk of overheating
  8. Standing for too long, which can cause blood to pool in the legs
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